Conture® Make Up by Waltraud Janc
Linergistin – Visagistin – Kosmetikerin

Conture Make Up for Your EyesNaturally beautiful anytime

Who doesn’t have this dream – women and men!

The magic word is called Conture Make Up which today is considered the most modern and most effective beauty-recipe. Conture® Make Up is not only used to enhance and compliment natural beauty it is also chosen to camouflage minor imperfections as well as for medical corrections.

Why choose a Conture Make Up?

Conture Make Up  for Your LipsThe most common area of application is the face. Here is why: On one hand makeup is very time consuming to apply and also expensive; unfortunately on the other hand it needs to be removed every night. Don’t we hate waking up looking tired, colorless with a pale complexion? Now, thanks to Conture Make Up we can wake up looking terrific!!!
Eyebrows, lips as well as eyeliner are carefully pigmented to create long lasting results – 3-5 years – depending on age and skin type. The contours will vanish slowly and evenly and can be repigmented at any time.

How is it done?

Conture Make Up for Your EyesConture Make Up is performed by inserting pigments into the dermis; very important: they all are hypo-allergenic, non toxic, colorproof and cause no harmful side effects. The pigment insertion process is carried out by a special instrument designed to puncture the skin on the surface to create natural looking enhancements to almost any part of the body. The micro pigmentation process is a safe and completely controlled method where swellings or bleedings hardly ever occur.

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